Fees and Payment Options

Many patients are concerned about cost of care and want to know specifics of how much their visits will cost.  We cannot guess as to the extent of your personal situation and so cannot quote you an exact amount for your visit.  We can give you some estimates so you can best gauge your budget.  An evaluation is required for all new patients to meet the standard of care required for physicians AND because you deserve it.  When you take your car in for an issue, even your mechanic does a diagnostic scan before starting the repair!  Dr. Herrst will always recommend only the treatment you need for the improvement of your specific complaint and will not make recommendations based on what your insurance policy may or may not cover.

This visit includes a complete medical history, full physical
examination and chiropractic adjustment.

This visit includes a chiropractic adjustment of the spine and may include a chiropractic adjustment of the extremities, strengthening exercise,
massage or other ancillary services, which are billed as separate charges.


Payment of your chiropractic services is expected at the time of service. We accept credit or debit cards from Visa, Master Card, and Discover, as well as Cash. Personal checks may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

You will be provided with a superbill which will have all the details necessary to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company for the services rendered should you desire to submit it for out-of-network reimbursement. Please check with your insurance carrier as to their procedure for reimbursement; some carriers may require a separate claim form.

Dr. Herrst does not participate with commercial health plans at this time to keep costs low for her patients and to provide the most appropriate care needed.  Keep in mind that your co-pay may actually be MORE than the routine visit fee. For example, many patients have $60 co-pays. Most of these patients only receive spinal adjustments, which has a lower fee than their co-pay.  In these cases, it is more cost effective for them to pay cash for their services no matter where they decide to get their chiropractic care.  If a payment plan is needed for you to be able to get the care you need, this can be discussed on your second visit. All payment plans are considered on a case by case basis and customized to meet the needs of your care plan.  It is the policy of this office never to turn any patient away from care due to financial circumstances. We offer many options to assist you with your
financial responsibility and will explain each of these to you in detail.

Thank you for considering care with our office.  It is our honor to serve Grand Ledge and the mid-Michigan area with compassionate, primary care chiropractic services.