Grand Ledge School Board Election

It is my honor to be running for a seat on the Grand Ledge School Board in the upcoming November 2020 election.  I believe that a high quality education provided by world-class educators is the right of every child and can be achieved in our community.  I am seeking to serve in this capacity to help ensure that our schools

  • Serve all students at above-standard levels, regardless of their family of origin, financial status, race, ethnicity, gender or other status.
  • Provide a safe, clean environment that is as low-risk as possible while still respecting that in-person education is the best for all students.
  • Are fiscally responsible with the tax dollars entrusted to us from our community members to best serve students and their families.
  • Provide education on nutrition and physical education so our students are as healthy as possible and learn healthy habits early in life.

I have a background of service, having served on the boards of the Oregon Chiropractic Association, the Gilbert Park Elementary School PTA, BNI Rose Quarter and numerous other professional and private organizations throughout my career and education.

I also have a unique perspective to offer the community through my experience as a healthcare provider over the past twelve years. My work in assisting patients to improve their health has involved interfacing with many different organizations, people of different cultural backgrounds, government and private entities.  I have also had direct financial responsibility for my practice for that time and understand what fiscal responsibility is all about.   I also bring my healthcare background and ability to understand and interpret scientific research at a time when public schools are facing many upcoming decisions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I feel that these qualities make me unique among the other candidates and a good fit for the community at this time.

I welcome any questions or comments about my candidacy and how I wish to serve the Grand Ledge community.

Information on registering to vote and voting in Michigan can be found at the Michigan Secretary of State’s website.  I urge all eligible voters to cast their ballots, whether by mail or in person, in the upcoming election.

Thank you for your consideration!